“My husband and I had a unique pregnancy, with him being away for work the majority of the time. The distance made scheduling prenatal classes and appointments nearly impossible for the two of us to attend together. When we decided to interview doulas, Adrienne stood out from the pack immediately. She was more than happy to accommodate our situation and even offered to take the interview over FaceTime so that my husband could also ‘meet’ her. Adrienne’s kind, nurturing, and sweet demeanor shone through – even digitally for my husband. Throughout our prenatal visits Adrienne answered our questions and offered knowledge and research based advice without judgement. Her openness and expertise were invaluable to us as first time parents-to-be and we were left more and more at ease after each visit. The anxiety her presence relieved paid for the service 10x in our opinion (and we hadn’t even gone through the birth yet!). We learned quickly that the best laid plans can change in an instant, and Adrienne maintained her cool, calm, and encouraging demeanor throughout our experience. We were so grateful for her vast knowledge of the birthing process and deep connections within the birthing community as it enabled us to draw on alternative services that truly made the difference in our birthing story (acupuncture was a godsend!). During labour, more changes to our ‘plan’ took place and at every decision, Adrienne always helped us make time to think through the options, which in the moment, we likely wouldn’t have done as thoroughly. She supported us in all of our choices and was a huge source of strength and support to both myself and my husband, physically, mentally and emotionally. We can’t imagine this experience without her! Following the birth, she again brought a sense of relief to my husband and I as first time parents, helping us feel comfortable in our actions with baby J and showing us some tricks that saved our sanity! Adrienne — Jackson, Sam and I want to thank you for your commitment to us, your kind nature and your support through the most memorable experience of our lives. You helped turn a stressful situation into the experience we hoped for, a calm, happy and loving birth story.”

– Sam, Shonna & baby Jackson

“From prenatal meetings, through a long labour and delivery, and postnatal check-ins, Adrienne’s compassionate care exceeded all of our expectations. In short, we wouldn’t want to have another baby without Adrienne as our birth doula!
After an induction, 24 hours of labour, and a difficult delivery of our little girl, I said in the delivery room “I feel like that was a really positive birth experience”. That feeling is owed in large part to Adrienne’s presence, reassurance, coaching, advocacy, and calm, compassionate approach. With a long labour, there were three hospital shift changes and many different medical staff members in and out of the room. The continuity of care that Adrienne provided meant that we felt supported and could relax knowing that Adrienne was communicating our preferences and advocating our best interests to the changing medical team.
I’m especially grateful for the significant support that Adrienne provided in establishing a positive breastfeeding experience. Shortly after our baby was delivered and put on my chest, Adrienne helped establish the latch, and a few days later at our postnatal visit (when my milk had come in and I was incredibly uncomfortable) she spent an hour providing hands-on help to breastfeed, which I believe has made our now 6-month breastfeeding journey a successful one.”
– Hayley & Kevin
“Adrienne made me feel comfortable and safe during my home birth! She had amazing suggestions to help me cope throughout my labour and delivery. Adrienne was a tremendous support to both myself and my husband. I couldn’t imagine going through the process without her. After the birth, my husband said, “Adrienne was the best money we’ve every spent!” I couldn’t agree more! We’d highly recommend Adrienne to anyone looking for a truly outstanding doula!”
– Anne-Marie

“I can’t recommend hiring Adrienne as your doula enough – she offers so much more than just labour support! She was a tremendous help for my partner and I as first time parents, making herself available even outside of our in-person meetings via email or text to answer our pregnancy and labour related questions with patience. She pointed us to some of our favorite resources (from must read books to a magical acupuncture referral), and she was instrumental in helping us determine and create and most notably stick to our birth preferences: an unmedicated, intervention free hospital birth. Adrienne’s cool and confident disposition made me feel safe labouring at home until I reached transition – she then calmly instructed my husband when to pack the car and get us to the hospital. Since my daughter decided to come very quickly thereafter, Adrienne was key in advocating what our preferences were to the staff, as there was no time to share a print-out with them! Immediately after birth and at our postpartum visit, Adrienne was a huge asset with nursing help, from getting the right latch to demonstrating proper holds and positions. Her judgement free philosophy and experience made her the right choice for us!”

– Laura & Tom

“Words can’t describe just how grateful we are to have had Adrienne as our birth and post natal doula. Her professionalism, communication skills, knowledge, and personal gentle touch was everything we could have hoped for! When I was on the fence about getting a doula, I had a friend say to me “Carla, I’ve never met someone that had a doula and said ‘Oh I really wish I didn’t have one!’ ” The moral of the story is that it’s a service that is undeniably helpful and comforting. And especially with Adrienne by our side. From our first visit all the way to the end, her service to us and our new baby has been nothing short of excellent. Thank you again Adrienne for all that you’ve done! We will never forget it!”

With love – Carla, Ara & Baby Ava!

“Adrienne is a fantastic doula and I would highly recommend her to anyone, she was a huge help before, during, and after the birth of our son. This was my first pregnancy and having Adrienne with her expert knowledge to answer any questions or concerns throughout my pregnancy was amazing. She was always quick to respond and provided me with so many great tips and advice that I would never have known. I ended up having a long labour and birth and Adrienne was with us the whole time. She gave such great support to both myself and my husband, I would have been lost without her. She is extremely kind and passionate about what she does; both my husband and I could not imagine the birth without her. She kept me calm the whole time and gave me comfort and support. She also made so many great suggestions to keep me relaxed during my long labour. She showed my husband various techniques that offered me comfort and kept me calm, which also kept him calm! Thank you so much Adrienne, we feel so lucky that you were with us on the journey of welcoming Spencer into the world, we honestly can’t say thank you enough for being such a wonderful doula and friend!

– Sarah & Glen, parents to Spencer

“We loved having Adrienne as our prenatal and postpartum doula! She has a warm, supportive and nurturing presence that was so wonderful during our birth experience. Adrienne also brings a refreshing open-minded approach to her care, and is a wealth of information and resources in a time that can be so overwhelming for first-time parents. We highly recommend her :)”

– Sarah & Jamie

“Having Adrienne as a doula gave me an extra boost of confidence throughout my birth and pregnancy. She’s not only full of knowledge and experience, but as a mom herself she’s as patient and open minded as it gets. She supported me physically and emotionally with my 30 hr+ labour, which included managing my wacky family dynamics.”

– Carla

“I don’t think I would have been able to go through a natural homebirth without my doula Adrienne. She was in many moments my source of comfort and strength. She was committed to making me feel better, and was calm and understanding throughout the birth. She was with me the entire night without a break. It is rare to find a human being as compassionate and loving as Adrienne was during my labour. Adrienne was also informative and supportive before and after the birth. After this experience Adrienne is like family.”

– Ofelia Loret De Mola

“We both loved having Adrienne. She came to me early in the morning and guided me through early labour contractions and told us to go to the hospital when she thought it was time. I’m glad we didn’t go to the hospital any earlier and we might have if Adrienne wasn’t there. My husband definitely appreciated having her there as he was at a loss for the most part during the whole ordeal. Adrienne gave me clear guidance on breathing and kept me focused when it started to intensify. I’m really Glad she was there. I booked her for postpartum [support] after birth. I realized how much help she can be and I needed as much help as I could get in order to recover. My husband was too exhausted to count on at that point. She once again came to the rescue. I loved the days when she came. I could stay in bed and hold my baby if I wanted, or take a nap without the baby. I can’t say enough good things about her”.

– Jasmine

“Shortly after we hired Adrienne as our doula, I found out that I would need to have a c-section due to placenta previa. I initially thought that this would mean having a doula would not be so useful, but we are so grateful that we had Adrienne! She was very helpful in going over what to expect with a c-section ahead of time, and also supported me in accepting that I would not have the delivery I initially had pictured. After my c-section happened sooner and more urgently than expected, Adrienne joined us at the hospital very quickly and was an invaluable support throughout most of our baby’s first day. I was so thankful knowing that she was focused on getting breastfeeding off to a good start, and she was fantastic in terms of supporting both myself and my husband during those initial hours. Having her there made the initial hours much more stress-free, and I was able to just focus on holding my baby and starting my recovery.
We also had Adrienne for post-partum care, and this is one of the best decisions we made! I felt very comfortable having her guide me with breastfeeding, which I think was crucial in those early days. She was great at being able to guess what questions or concerns I might have ahead of time, and she helped me feel like all of my experiences in those early days and weeks were completely normal. She was great with our little guy, and it was really helpful to be able to hand him off for a couple of hours to get some rest. We’d recommend Adrienne to every expecting couple!”

– Jessica

“Adrienne provided my husband and I with invaluable support and was a source of not only comfort in this new frontier in our lives, but also information that was instrumental in our successful coping once our little one joined us in the world. She was also an important part of labour and delivery, which was so successful in part because of her presence and support. We have recommended her to several friends and she has been an excellent resource for our family.”

– Lindsay & Chris Doyle

“When my husband and I first decided we wanted to hire a doula we didn’t really know what to expect but we did know the kind of support we wanted to have during the birth of our son. Adrienne is an amazing support tool not only pre-birth but during labour and post birth. During my labour she always had my best interest at heart and the entire time she was in total control of my needs and well-being. The best thing we did for ourselves was hiring Adrienne, she really made a difference in our experience”

– Amy Watts

Yoga Testimonials

“Adrienne always creates a welcoming and comfortable environment. She provides a variety of levels of difficulty in all her poses/classes to allow all participants, beginner to expert, to get the most benefit from their practice.” – Kaili, Physiotherapist

“I feel very fortunate that Adrienne Wetherell was my very first yoga instructor. She was offering a weekly Hatha yoga class at my work and I decided to give it a try – not knowing what to expect. I just wanted to experience a form of exercise that didn’t involve a treadmill. I was surprised at how quickly I’d become hooked on yoga! Adrienne’s teaching style made me feel comfortable from the start; she made it clear that everyone can benefit from yoga, regardless of how fit or flexible they are. This gave me the confidence to stick with it – and I’ve now been practicing for 3 years. Adrienne’s approach to teaching yoga is the main reason I continue to take her class. She creates an atmosphere that challenges me, relaxes me and entertains me. No two sessions are the same as she pushes the class to try new and increasingly difficult poses. Thanks to Adrienne’s guidance, I’ve been able to experience both the physical and emotional benefits that yoga has to offer.” – Sherri Sullivan, Pharmacist

“When I joined the class in June 2010, my mother had just died. I was grief-stricken. My body felt heavy and sore – like a knife in my heart. Yet, after each class Adrienne taught, I felt better, lighter, and surprisingly happy. I have been able to sleep better on those yoga nights. I was able to regain and maintain my balance and peace…I have experienced transformation on my journey of grief through my yoga practice and Adrienne’s inspiring teaching. Adrienne encourages each participant, demonstrates for us, corrects gently and creates a calm and healing environment. Every Wednesday her yoga classes have provided many benefits for me which have strengthened me in embracing life’s many challenges and stressors. If I can breathe through it, I can handle it. I will always be grateful for her classes.” – Anke


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